Aug 242013

So I’ve been reading lately that apparently AJ Styles’ contract is coming due soon and nothing has been agreed upon as of this writing, and yet he was just thrown into the big Main Event Mafia/Aces & Eights angle Thursday night, quite a prominent position for someone you don’t know how much longer he’s gonna be there.

I understand that TNA is having money issues & are trying to be more cost efficient & not just spending, spending, spending on guys who don’t make you anything back ratings-wise. I mean so far every time they’ve introduced someone or decided to do something that’s supposed to “change the industry”, Continue reading »

Aug 192013

So WWE had their annual summer pay per view last night in LA. I watched the show from my local Buffalo Wild Wings in Rockaway. I did have to work last night, so it was after 8:30 by the time I got to BWW. Unfortunately, I missed the Bray Wyatt vs. Kane Inferno Match…from what I read, it sounded like it went prettymuch how I expected it to. Rowan & Harper finally made their way into the ring once they figured a way around the flames. And apparently they dragged a beaten Kane off to apparently be brainwashed to join the Wyatt Family.

I’m not gonna give a match by match recap or even thoughts on every match, rather just comment on what I really want to comment on. So with that in mind… Continue reading »

Aug 162013

Original writing dated 8/16/13: So since meeting my wife, getting married & now with the baby on the way, my life has been changing in just about every way shape & form over the course of the last few years. Gone are the days of sitting around, vegging on the couch, watching hours on top of hours of tv, movies & the like all while ordering food in & snacking on junk food. So obviously after that last statement, you can see that my habits weren’t exactly very good ones. The truth is, I kind of had the mindset that I’d never be where I am right now — being married, baby on the way & all. I kinda just figured that wouldn’t happen for me. So I basically said “fuck it, I’ll live my life & have fun doing it”…and that meant not working out, not exercising in any way, eating whatever I wanted & enjoying every bite.

Well I can’t do that anymore. Since moving in with my wife, Continue reading »

Aug 122013

So we’re back with another week of Total Divas, the new WWE comedy that depicts all their women as complete buffoons.

In this week’s episode, Ariane is amazingly not present for most of the drama that ensues. However her tag partner, Trinity seems to be in the spotlight this week as she seems to be having issues with her fiance, Jimmy Uso. Apparently they’ve been engaged for going on two years without setting a date for the wedding or even starting working on getting the wedding stuff figured out. So Jimmy (Jon — his real name as he’s being referred to on the show) is getting impatient with Trinity because she’s having problems keeping her normal life in order with everything Continue reading »

Aug 062013

So this week’s Total Divas show was a lot more of the same from last week. Nattie is frustrated, Brie & Nikki continue to come off as a couple of bitches while Ariane and Eva Marie are still a couple of idiots just asking to be fired.

First off, we get to see the Bellas, Daniel Bryan and John Cena all hop a private jet to head down to Cena’s mansion down in Florida. It’s what you’d expect…Cena has an ultra posh mansion, like 10 cars or so, a ginormous walk in closet, a cigar room, a pool house that Bryan jokes is bigger than his real house, and a ridiculous pool with a waterslide. It’s official, John Cena is a big kid as we see him going down the slide into the pool

Later, we see the foursome head up to Bryan’s house — Continue reading »

Aug 012013

So I’ve been paying a lot of attention to what the Devils have done lately during the offseason since not making the playoffs in 2013 and figured I’d give my ‘two cents’ on the recent moves.

First off, the Devils started the offseason off with a bang when they traded their first round pick to Vancouver for Cory Schneider. No cash exchanging hands, no future considerations, a one-for-one trade that in my opinion is HUGE for the future of this franchise!

It’s no secret, Marty Brodeur isn’t getting any younger and while he’s still Continue reading »

Aug 012013

So apparently while WWE was on tour the other day in South Africa, some fan took it upon himself to run into the ring after the mach had ended and low-blow Randy Orton from behind while he was standing on the turnbuckle, celebrating his win.

Ok, first off…WWE makes trips to South Africa what? Like once a year?? So this dude has some pent up animosity against Orton and takes it out on him when they come to the country? Who does this? This guy has to be mentally disturbed/have some sort of mental disability. So if this is the case, who is with him? I don’t know many people who go to wrestling shows alone. And why didn’t someone that he was with attempt to stop him from hopping the guardrail?

Continue reading »