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Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet!

I’m Marc Kick. A little about myself: I’m a husband & a father of four, an avid professional sports fan, prowrestling fan, Trekkie, a podcaster and (obviously) a blogger — among many other things!

This site was originally created to be an easy way for me to put out my thoughts on a number of various topics — mostly listed above. MarcsTwoCents.com was originally launched in July of 2013(!), but with the recent pandemic & me being furloughed from work, I had to take down the other site as the domain hosting became a frivolous expense that I just couldn’t justify for now.

So here we are in December of 2020 and after being a customer of 1&1 Internet (now known as IONOS) for well over a decade since Star Trek Online got me back into website developing. I then created sites to advertise our in-game Fleets (Starfleet’s Elite & later, Battle Fleet Olympus), the hosting company decided that instead of working with me to keep a long-term & loyal customer who had registered 4 domains with them, they felt it was more important to upgrade my contract and overall cost per year to a point where it was no longer feasible for me to continue to do business with them. So I’ve moved all the old content over here to WordPress, but I’m not bitter…just disappointed in their customer retention skills.

But enough with all that. MarcsTwoCents is my home where I share (as I put it) “My Thoughts On All Things Marc-centric”. As you peruse my site here, I hope you’ll appreciate what I feel has been the best outcome of this site: the improvement of the quality of my writing abilities! This site has really become an excellent outlet for me to put my thoughts out there for others to read. Whether it’s been reviewing a wrestling pay per view, reacting to the end of the latest season of my favorite sports teams, or writing a career retrospective or tribute of someone I respected or enjoyed watching over the years who are either retired or no longer with us. I’ve had a blast writing here and look forward to continuing to add more content for you all to read in the future.

Thanks for visiting & I hope you’ll return!

🖖 LL&P

Latest Posts

Star Trek: Picard, S3 E9: Vox Thoughts

Please be aware that the following contains massive amounts of spoilers, and if you have not yet watched this episode, I not only urge you, but I beg you to stop reading here and go watch the episode before proceeding. You really don’t want this episode spoiled for you. Consider yourselves warned.

2023 New York Yankees Season Preview

Well, the Superbowl is done, and that means Major League Baseball’s Spring Training is here! Pitchers and catchers reported February 13th, and we’re officially off and running with the 2023 MLB season! There have been a few rule changes going into this season that will immediately be noticeable. First off, there’s a pitch clock to…

Don’t worry…I’m still here! Royal Rumble Thoughts

So it’s been awhile, huh? Yeah…life’s had me pretty busy the last few months, plus the fact that I haven’t really found a lot of inspiration to write for some time as well. However, that changed after watching the Royal Rumble Pay Per View Premium Live Event & because of it, I’m here! So let’s…


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