Total Divas Ep. 3

So we’re back with another week of Total Divas, the new WWE comedy that depicts all their women as complete buffoons.

In this week’s episode, Ariane is amazingly not present for most of the drama that ensues. However her tag partner, Trinity seems to be in the spotlight this week as she seems to be having issues with her fiance, Jimmy Uso. Apparently they’ve been engaged for going on two years without setting a date for the wedding or even starting working on getting the wedding stuff figured out. So Jimmy (Jon — his real name as he’s being referred to on the show) is getting impatient with Trinity because she’s having problems keeping her normal life in order with everything that goes along with being a WWE Diva, that she doesn’t have time to start working on the wedding stuff. So he’s frustrated and basically walks out on her after having an argument, leaving her to have to clean up something he broke in the kitchen as he walked out.

Jon’s reaction seemed quite real, which kinda makes ya shake your head after the last two episodes in which their relationship seems to be the only one that is well rooted and quite strong. To add to the drama, all of a sudden when everyone returns from their couple of days off, it’s revealed that the Usos are booked to tag with the Bellas to take on Tons of Funk with the Funkadactyls. Also, it’s here that Ariane reveals that she had both a urinary tract infection AND a yeast infection! The really weird part of this is that at this time according to WWE storylines, the Usos are babyfaces while the Bellas are heels. Kinda makes for a weird pairing, so I’m thinking this was really just thrown together for the show. Also during the match, Trinity gives Jon a hurricanrana and then he asks her “What’d you do that for?”…intending to make the viewers believe he didn’t have to help with that move at all for it to be executed the way it was.

So then we move on to the “Newbies” as they’re called on the show of Jojo & Eva Marie. This week it would appear that Eva Marie has been de-emphasized since the Fandango disaster last week & the talk with Stephanie McMahon. So finally we get a little into the life of Jojo and get to meet her boyfriend of just under a year, Sebastian! Sebastian is there to basically tell her how great of a time he has with her, but he wants her to quit working for WWE cuz he’s selfish & wants her home with him or else. So essentially, that relationship blows up AT THE SAME TIME as Trinity & Jon do. It all comes to a head when Jojo blows a bodyslam while training down in NXT with Bill Demott and lands partially on her head and is diagnosed with a minor concussion.

Finally, we’re on to the Bellas. Brie & Brian decide to move to Phoenix so that it’s easier to get together with her mom who takes care of her dog while she’s on the road. It’s a big to do because she hasn’t let Nikki in on the secret yet & apparently they’re set to move in the next day or so.

So when Brie breaks the news to Nikki, she goes all bitchy with her and walks out. Then later on, she shows up at Brie’s apartment to help pack & brings only one box, lays in some snide comments and then is basically told to leave by Brie because she’s not being any help. Also, Brie was late to some meeting with some producers for a movie — God help me if these two nitwits are the main characters for an f’n movie!! — where they’re gonna be action stars, doing their own stunts?!? So enter John Cena, who is the voice of reason for Nikki and sets her straight to open her eyes to how self centered & how much of a complete douche she’s been to Brie & Brian. So she goes over to their place to apologize and everything is peachy again.

So for the first time, this show doesn’t end with a complete disaster for any of the girls! While they do still come across as catty idiots who have a real skewed view of the world, as long as you watch this show understanding that 90% of it is a work & are able to laugh at their buffoonery, it’s a fun hour of TV!

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