Losing weight…trying at least

Original writing dated 8/16/13: So since meeting my wife, getting married & now with the baby on the way, my life has been changing in just about every way shape & form over the course of the last few years. Gone are the days of sitting around, vegging on the couch, watching hours on top of hours of tv, movies & the like all while ordering food in & snacking on junk food. So obviously after that last statement, you can see that my habits weren’t exactly very good ones. The truth is, I kind of had the mindset that I’d never be where I am right now — being married, baby on the way & all. I kinda just figured that wouldn’t happen for me. So I basically said “fuck it, I’ll live my life & have fun doing it”…and that meant not working out, not exercising in any way, eating whatever I wanted & enjoying every bite.

Well I can’t do that anymore. Since moving in with my wife, I’ve cut back most of my soda to the point that up until yesterday, I hadn’t had a soda in about a week & a half! Which for me is quite an accomplishment! I used to sit around & drink can after can while I just scarfed down a bag of doritos. I’ve replaced my ice tea in the morning with a bottle of crystal light citrus energy drink and have replaced my afternoon soda(s) with bottles of water. So while I wasn’t real proud of myself for having a soda yesterday, I also found satisfaction in sort of rewarding myself for being so good.

I’ve also cut out eating fast food almost completely. I used to pick up something on my way in at night for dinner. Those stops used to include Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Quick Check…I could go on & on, but you get the point. I probably ate the worst things possible for a long time. And now I’m trying to fix everything I did wrong to myself. It’s not been easy, and I haven’t been perfect at cutting it out, but I have cut out a good 90%+ of it and have also started working out by taking up kickboxing classes at my local Tiger Schulmann’s. My Joshu (trainer) has also given me pointers on how to eat better to boost my metabolism while also eating better stuff all around.

Each morning when I came into work, we would order in breakfast from a local deli which would consist of either a bacon, egg & cheese on a roll, a buttered everything bagel or an omelette sandwich on a roll. I’ve now replaced this with a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on toasted wheat bread & a banana in the morning along with my crystal light energy drink. Lunch, which used to consist of anything from chinese food, McDonald’s, a sub from a local deli, or a burger & fries from a local diner now consists of either a salad or a turkey salad sandwich on toasted wheat bread and maybe a small bag of potato chips along with a bottle of water, while dinner now consists of a good home-cooked meal each night when I get home. I’m also considering joining Weight Watchers for men online to track what I eat & get pointers.

Prior to the wedding, just by cutting back on soda & replacing it with crystal light for a few months, I was able to drop two jacket sizes in between fittings for my tux. I wasn’t even beating the crap out of myself by going to kickboxing training at Tiger Schulmann’s or substituting anything for my breakfasts or lunches yet. Hopefully these changes I’ve made are gonna make an impact.

So while I know it’s not perfect, I am working on it. After all, I’ve got a someone who’s gonna be depending on me to be around, providing for him coming in November!

Update 9/13/13: So I’ve had a physical & the results have come back as I kinda expected…I’m overweight & have to continue working on it. Also, along with that as can be expected, my blood pressure is a little high, but still within limits where I don’t need to take anything to keep it in check. Also, my cholesterol (sp?) is high and I need to start taking some additional vitamins each day. But as my weight starts to come down, he expects everything else that’s out of whack with me to come into the limits it’s all supposed to be. It was also suggested that I work out every day, to which I had to tell him that it’s just really not feasible considering that on days I work, I leave the house by 6:45 & don’t return home until about 10:45 at night. It’s just not possible to stop somewhere to work out for an hour after work since I then wouldn’t be returning home until almost midnight! So he suggested to start walking up to work in the morning from the Port Authority Bus Terminal when I get into NYC. This works for me, only problem is that when it’s hot out I really can’t walk that distance without being completely disgusting by the time I get up to the theater & working for the next 11+ hours like that isn’t an option. So he said to wait until the temperature comes down a bit for the fall & then start walking. I did so today since I looked at my phone & found out the temperature was like 62° and I didn’t have to be up at the theater for another 45 minutes, so I decided today was the day! I made the walk of 20 blocks in about 20 minutes, so I was pretty happy with it. I won’t be able to do that walk at night as I’ll miss my bus out of the city, but at least it’s something. Hopefully the temperature will stay like this for awhile & I can keep doing this on a daily basis 🙂

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