Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden, The Garden, MSG, The World’s Most Famous Arena, The Mecca of Basketball (stated as such by Michael Jordan)…this building has more monikers than it has Championship Banners hanging in the rafters. Ok, ok…I digress! My Devils may have a beautiful new(ish) arena in Newark, but this is still the best place to see a pro hockey game. Truth be told, this is THE Arena of all Arenas, and it’s located smack dab in the center of New York City, the media capital of the world. Located just blocks from the Empire State Building and directly on top of the busiest train hub in the country, The Garden is truly an engineering marvel!

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Brendan Byrne Arena/Continental Airlines Arena/IZOD Center

From their inaugural season in New Jersey, after relocating from Denver, Colorado before the 1982-83 NHL season, the newly rechristened New Jersey Devils called the Brendan Byrne Arena home for 24 seasons.

But the Devils weren’t the only New Jersey professional sports team to call the arena home. In fact, the arena was originally built to be a home for the relocating New York Nets, who had previously played their home games at the Nassau Coliseum. And though the arena was built to be a basketball arena, the intentions of building the arena was also to lure an NHL team to New Jersey. By the time the arena was built, the Nets had already moved out to New Jersey and were playing their home games in New Brunswick at the Rutgers University Athletic Center for a couple years. So when the arena was completed in 1981, it had an immediate tenant.

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New Yankee Stadium

So as I wrote about in the first part of my Yankee Stadium blog about the old Stadium, which you can find here, I’m back now to tell ya all about New Yankee Stadium. Unlike the other building, this one was only opened in 2009, so I clearly won’t have all the back history to tell ya about this one.

New Yankee Stadium

After 85 years in the last building, it was decided that it was time to bid the old building farewell in favor of a newer building with all the amenities many of the newer ballparks and Stadiums enjoyed. Namely more luxury suites, more dining options, newer technology throughout the building and the like. So the decision was made to take a large section of the park land adjacent to Yankee Stadium and build a new Yankee Stadium there. Continue reading “New Yankee Stadium”

Yankee Stadium

Since I opened my Sports Venue series up with Fenway Park, I figured it only right that a two-parter be on the docket for Yankee Stadium! So to start off, I’m going to introduce you to the place that the Yankees called home from 1923-2008.

Yankee Stadium

Now The Stadium did undergo a bit of modernizing in the mid-’70s, but aside from those two years, this was the place the Yankees called home. When talking to Yankees fans, when you mention “The Stadium,” there is no misunderstanding as to which building you are referring. This is truly “The House That Ruth Built” as because of the spectacle that Babe Ruth was quickly becoming because of his home run hitting ability, the Yankees began to outdraw the New York Giants (the baseball team who later moved out to San Francisco) in their own ballpark, the Polo Grounds.

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Fenway Park

So in trying to come up with other things to write about here, I decided that since I’m such a sports fan and enjoy going to various venues to see events, that it should only be fitting to share my experiences at those venues I’ve been to. So to start things off, I’ll open this series with one the came up in my Facebook memories today from 10 years ago…

Fenway Park

I know, I know…I’m a Yankees fan, right? So what the hell was I doing going to a Bosox game? Well it’s quite simple, actually! I wanted to check out Fenway Park. It’s a historic venue that obviously, quite a number of amazing Yankees historic moments have happened in. From brawls between the two teams: Munson/Fisk in ’73 to Pedro/Zimmer in 2004 to amazing victories like Bucky Dent’s 7th inning 3-run homer in the tie breaker game in 1978 to give the Yankees a lead they wouldn’t give up, and who can forget Mike Mussina’s 1-hitter that was a single strike away from a perfect game in 2001. A lot of great baseball has happened in this park, so being a baseball fan…I had to go! Continue reading “Fenway Park”

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