Randy Orton’s run in with a fan in South Africa

So apparently while WWE was on tour the other day in South Africa, some fan took it upon himself to run into the ring after the mach had ended and low-blow Randy Orton from behind while he was standing on the turnbuckle, celebrating his win.

Ok, first off…WWE makes trips to South Africa what? Like once a year?? So this dude has some pent up animosity against Orton and takes it out on him when they come to the country? Who does this? This guy has to be mentally disturbed/have some sort of mental disability. So if this is the case, who is with him? I don’t know many people who go to wrestling shows alone. And why didn’t someone that he was with attempt to stop him from hopping the guardrail?

This guy got off with a black eye & a swollen face from a kick to the face he received from Orton once Orton got back up and he was being dragged out of the ring by security. He’s lucky he didn’t get a WHOLE lot more from Orton, considering that Randy’s an ex-marine! Sure he was dishonorably discharged after going AWOL, but that’s besides the point…the dude went thru training!

And why Randy Orton? The guy is a baby face right now & has been for a number of years now. Why not go after someone who is supposed to be hated by the fans, someone like a CM Punk, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio, Brock Lesnar, etc… Hell, I would even understand a fan going after the 3MB just because they’re annoying as hell & they don’t want to see them on their TV anymore. But Randy Orton? I mean really…the only thing that can be said against Orton of late is that his matches have become very paint-by-number, he has his 10 moves or so that he always hits & doesn’t do a whole lot more on top of those.

But apparently now the fan has posted a video saying that he wants a Money In The Bank briefcase!?! Why is this guy getting so much air time? This should have been a one and done news item on TMZ “some dope jumped the guardrail & attacked Orton, got dragged out by security & has a black eye to show for it” and THAT’S IT. Why is ANYONE giving this goober any more time in the sun than this? Also the fact that he didn’t even spend any time in jail says that there’s something wrong with the South African penal system that he only got kicked out of the casino & hotel & banned from said place for 5 years.

And the scariest part of it all is the quote from the the news outlet, quoting the fan that he planned to attack Orton when he attended the event, saying, “I just don’t like Randy Orton, this was an opportunity for me so I got up there and made a name for myself.” — I really wonder what this guy thinks that this incident is gonna do for him.

If this were back in the 80’s or earlier, prior to the time that they came out & said that wrestling was a work, I could somewhat understand…but this is 2013, when everyone and their brother knows that this is entertainment & that these guys really are all business men, if not friends backstage & actually work together in the ring to entertain the fans with a physical, athletic style of choreographed fighting in front of a live audience.  Stuff like this shouldn’t happen anymore and if you’re so stupid to even attempt to do something like this, well then I say you deserve the death penalty…because obviously natural selection should have wiped your family tree out generations ago.

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