Monday Night Raw Thoughts

Where to start, where to start indeed. Let me just say one thing before I start with this quick thoughts on this show, and that’s this…I don’t know if I feel stupider for watching this or smarter because everyone on & involved in writing this show aside from maybe Cody Rhodes is a complete dufus, so maybe I feel smarter than the rest of them?!?

So I’m really just gonna touch on the main storyline here involving the McMahon-Helmsley regime, their corporate champion, their enforcers, Daniel Bryan & the rest of the WWE roster.  First up is of course, Daniel Bryan who it seems just keeps showing up week after week for his weekly beatdown at the hands of a number of people. And the worst part of it is that not only does he get these beatdowns weekly on Raw, but we also get recaps from Smackdown where he also seems to get weekly beatdowns. I get the whole “he wants the WWE title & will go thru hell to get it” storyline, but it’s just a bit much.

Then there’s Big Show who has also been thrown into this storyline since the beginning when Triple H turned on Daniel Bryan at Summer Slam and Big Show was one of the people who were a bit more vocal on their opposition to the way Bryan was screwed. So what do we have him do this week? Well apparently it’s explained that while Big Show has an “iron clad” contract, he still can be fired for not performing just like everyone else. So I think WWE needs to look up the definition of an iron clad contract before writing it into storylines. Also when Stephanie was dressing Show down in the ring, saying how he needs this job because of his bad financial choices & to support his family, she says how he was her giant backstage when she was growing up…back when she was 12. Now I’ve been watching wrestling a long time & Big Show was signed away from WCW to WWE back in 1999. So Stephanie was 12 then? That would make her 26 now, 14 when she got her implants in 2001 and 19 when she gave birth to Aurora Rose. I mean how can they really write this crap…there are such gaping plot holes that I’d believe that Vince Russo was hired back to the company!

This is also now the second time that they’ve decided to make Big Show a sobbing disaster because he apparently needs this job. First time was John Laurinaitis firing him for mocking him by impersonating him backstage. I get that they want to build up drama, but do you really have to have your 7 foot, 500 pound monster in the ring crying & begging to not be fired? I don’t know if maybe the McMahons are jealous of Big Show’s size or what, but you don’t see them doing this crap with anyone else & it’s really just plain stupid. Big Show’s supposed to be a fighter, so how come you don’t see UFC President, Dana White threatening to fire Anderson Silva, dressing him down in the middle of the octagon, making him break down crying in front of thousands of people live and millions on tv? It just doesn’t make a lot of sense as to why you would continue these insipid storylines.

You also have Booker T backstage telling Daniel Bryan to give up his title shot at the pay per view & succumb to ownership. Because I’m sure when Booker was still wrestling & on his way up, he would have just given up his dream because Eric Bischoff & the nWo were making life a disaster for him.

Add to all of this that Randy Orton is best friends with Triple H who chopped his legs out from under him on his first World Title reign, and has been a thorn in his side his entire ride up to the top after he kicked him out of Evolution. And oh yeah, Stephanie is also Orton’s biggest fan after he had RKO’d her and kissed her while she was knocked out with Triple H handcuffed to the ropes.

It’s all of this backstory that really irks me the most, because while the writers may not remember all of this, a lot of the fans who have been watching all of these years DO. They live completely in their own bubble and don’t worry about continuity in any way shape or form. They can’t tell the difference between Big Show & Andre The Giant, they don’t remember what they did a couple years or even months ago and they’re so set on making Triple H, Stephanie & Vince the focal point so much that it hurts their up & coming talent that just a month ago, they were doing so well pushing & making stars out of. The real unfortunate part of all this is that the fans who go to see this show week in & week out live, still react the way they want them to react to these storylines instead of holding them accountable & booing the hell out of them for these horrible ideas they’ve been throwing at us since Summer Slam. You still have people “Fandangoing” when he comes out even though he doesn’t matter in the least & hasn’t won a match in forever. Daniel Bryan is somehow still over despite being beaten down every time he appears on tv & he isn’t even angry about it! He’s not exhibiting any real fire in his promos. I get the feeling that a lot of the fans going to these shows watched WrestleMania & saw the fun the fans were having there with Fandango’s music & everything else they did and now that WWE has come to their town, regardless of how much the landscape has changed since that show, they are trying to get in on the fun that they missed out with that energetic crowd.

I don’t really know how to end this bitchfest of a writing other than by saying that right now, I’m happy that I saw that AJ Styles signed a short extension with TNA because if Daniel Bryan is any indication as to how he would be used in WWE, it’s really best that he stay at home in TNA.

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