Judgment Day 2002 Fallout

The headlines all around the wrestling sites is the untimely death of the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. To say I was a fan of his in the mid 90s is an understatement. He was such an accomplished wrestler & I’m going to truly miss him. I do have for you a remberence page up for the British Bulldog, which can be reached by clicking here.

Ok, now that we have Judgment Day 2002 out of the way, maybe we can get on to some decent shows….but that’s not very likely. It might be interesting to see if Hogan will follow what happened when Triple H lost to a Smackdown wrestler & assume Undertaker’s place on the RAW roster. We could be in store for some tag team matches with both Hogan & Austin on the same side, as they say….anything can happen in the World Wrestling Entertainment!

What we do know is that Undertaker is the new Undisputed Champ & will be on both shows for some time at least. I’m guessing he’ll lose it at the King Of The Ring or sooner. Undertaker has always been a decent transition champ, and now as the closer to real life, American Badass-esque Undertaker, I have to say that I kinda feel for the guy.

He was stuck in a gimmick of a dead guy for nearly 10 years & when he finally does what everyone was doing near the end of the 90s, Vince never puts him & the title anywhere near eachother. As if saying he’d rather have the dead guy than the real life thing. But in this instance, if this is his last world title — and I kinda hope it is, cuz his matches are anything but good — I say it’s nice to see him as the world champ being Mark Calloway & not some gimmicked dead guy.

Kurt Angle is now bald, which should make for some entertaining TV. I only wonder exactly how long the “You’re Bald” chant will replace “You Suck” when his music hits. Eddie Guererro is still the IC champ, which is a good thing, because his cockiness is getting way out of hand & that’s not a bad thing…no, that’s a good thing. Can’t have enough cocky champs these days! The backslide using the ropes for leverage was something I don’t believe I’ve ever seen before, so kudos to Eddie for that as well. And last, but not least…we have new tag team champions….Rikishi’s right cheek & his left cheek.

On that note, I will say that RAW is tonite on TNN, so don’t miss that…and with King Of The Ring being the next PPV in line for the WWE, I hope we can get some NHL Playoffs-style brackets going with the Smackdown & RAW crews only facing off in the final. And with that said…we’re desperately out of time…we’ll see ya next week!

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