No Way Out 2002 Fallout

Well, now that the 2002 No Way Out PPV is behind us, let’s take a look at where we stand…

Finally, I did something right with main events….I actually got 2 out of 3 right, which is a major step-up for me. Yay for that, but on a more serious note, let’s see where we really stand.

First matter of business is that Chris Jericho seems positioned to be going to WrestleMania X-8 to defend the Unified Title, which is a good thing. The problem is that now the #1 Contenders spot has been given to Kurt Angle. And to rip a line off of the Rock….If WrestleMania is gonna be Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle, then WrestleMania is gonna ABSOLUTELY SUCK! Now don’t get me wrong, Jericho/Angle would be an interesting WrestleMania main event that would signify the passing on, but it’s not what should be with both being heels at the present time. I don’t doubt that Triple H will regain his spot by the time WrestleMania comes around….the way I look at it…at least he lost his #1 Contender spot to someone diserving this time in Kurt Angle, instead of Chyna. What an excedrin headache that one was!

So now we’ve got the nWo back, and I have got to say that last night, the backstage vignettes between them, Rock & Austin were absolutely priceless, along with the opening segment when Hall joked about wanting to go out & get a drink with some of the boys in the back. Definitely fun stuff. I particularly liked the whole ‘playing up to the smarts’ stuff. It’s nice to see that we are appreciated at times. I thought they took the ‘cool heel’ stuff to a new level last night when they were saying how all they wanted was a fair shot at doing well in the WWF & all that crap. Plus, how they thanked Vince McMahon for giving them that opportunity, definitely a worthwhile segment good for quite a few laughs.

As for the rest of the show, I’m kinda pissed that the f’n APA get the #1 Contenders spot for the Tag Titles, though I’d have to say that the whole division has really gone to the crapper. The APA, in my opinion, got old a good 2 years ago after they broke away from the Undertaker & started protecting people….and for that matter, why are they still the APA? Their services haven’t been bought in almost a year, if not more. All they do anymore is sit around a table, play cards & drink beer. Anyway, I guess that’s another rant in itself.

Tazz & Spike retained….I fucking hate these two. Tazz was way overpushed in ECW & when he came to the WWF, I have to say that I really liked how they jobbed him out to everyone alive. Spike is a waste of good roster space which could be better filled by just about anyone….hell, bring back Bastian Booger, the guy’s like 10x the size & 10x more entertaining. Well, I guess I shouldn’t go that far, but I would rather see someone else holding the Tag Team gold. I know they just showed up & sure I’m positive that gold was mentioned somewhere in their contracts, so just throw the belts on the Outsiders & wait for some good teams to assemble to fight them.

RVD & Goldust wasn’t the outcome I had expected, but like I had predicted, it was definitely a candidate for Match of the Night. There was some real good back & forth action from both compeditors. Goldust managed to pull out a few new moves out of his repertoire & also hit Van Dam with a bump which was so high that RVD ran smack right into Goldie’s ass. RVD got the pin after a 5-star Frog Splash which was quite a surprise since everyone was predicting Goldust to win, including yours truly. Why they gave RVD the win, I have no clue….it’s not that he needed it, in fact if anyone truly needed the win, it would have to be Goldust, in his first Pay Per View singles match back.

Rock beat Undertaker in a no-selling war as was expected.

Finally, getting back to the Unified Title match, Austin was the first victim of the nWo, getting the letters N W O spray-painted on his back. Who’d have ever thought that would ever happen? Oh, and one more thing….the nWo’s big live return to TV did not happen at the Pay Per View, rather it happened in the closing moments of Heat on MTV. So much for that one. I guess that just about wraps it up for a PPV Fallout. Overall, not as bad as it could have been, so this one’s gonna have to get a thumbs up from me. Now let’s see where we go from here with RAW tonite…

RAW tonite, emanates from the brand-spankin’ new United Center (sorry, a SummerSlam 94 flashback) RAW emanages from the SOLD OUT Allstate Arena in Chicago Illinois. Featured on the card tonite is the following match: Edge & RVD vs. William Regal & Goldust. Wow! What a spectacular show! I’m sure we’re gonna get some nice follow-ups on the nWo’s attack on Austin, Kurt Angle’s #1 Contenders match win over Triple H & Steph’s part in that (cuz u know we have to find out exactly why she’s mad tonite!) & also something on Ric Flair’s involvement in the Undertaker/Rock match from No Way Out as well. The Hardyz are also set to be back on TV tonite, so overall…looks like it could be a promising show. And with that, I bid you….farewell.

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