Aug 312015

Dee & I are back to run down our thoughts on last weekend’s Summer Slam festivities including my live experience at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn along with our thoughts on the Summer Slam show, and Danielle’s experience at Monday Night Raw the following night at the Barclays Center. As always, if you have any questions, requests or ideas for the show…please inbox me at: and I’ll probably read your email on the air. Thanks for listening!

Sep 062013

Where to start, where to start indeed. Let me just say one thing before I start with this quick thoughts on this show, and that’s this…I don’t know if I feel stupider for watching this or smarter because everyone on & involved in writing this show aside from maybe Cody Rhodes is a complete dufus, so maybe I feel smarter than the rest of them?!?

So I’m really just gonna touch on the main storyline here involving the McMahon-Helmsley regime, their corporate champion, their enforcers, Daniel Bryan & the rest of the WWE roster.  First up is of course, Continue reading »

Aug 062013

So this week’s Total Divas show was a lot more of the same from last week. Nattie is frustrated, Brie & Nikki continue to come off as a couple of bitches while Ariane and Eva Marie are still a couple of idiots just asking to be fired.

First off, we get to see the Bellas, Daniel Bryan and John Cena all hop a private jet to head down to Cena’s mansion down in Florida. It’s what you’d expect…Cena has an ultra posh mansion, like 10 cars or so, a ginormous walk in closet, a cigar room, a pool house that Bryan jokes is bigger than his real house, and a ridiculous pool with a waterslide. It’s official, John Cena is a big kid as we see him going down the slide into the pool

Later, we see the foursome head up to Bryan’s house — Continue reading »

Jan 212002

Well, now that the 2002 Royal Rumble is behind us, let’s take a look at where we stand…

Triple H is the winner of this year’s Royal Rumble & appears to be headed to the main event at WrestleMania, which kinda leaves the question still unanswered as to what Stone Cold Steve Austin will be doing for WrestleMania. HHH is quickly on his way to a fifth Federation Championship and with Jericho retaining the coveted title, I’m sure we’re in for a fun ride to WrestleMania.

Other bits of interest regarding the Rumble match itself, it seems that both Continue reading »