Goodness, Gracious, (WWE) Great Balls of Fire!

So here we are, another 2 weeks removed from the last WWE Pay Per View…this time, it’s Money In The Bank, and I honestly had to sit here a minute to try to remember which one it was! Normally, trying to remember the name of the last Pay Per View is (and should be) a fairly simple thing to do since something notable usually happens on these shows…except for the most part these days, nothing notable really happens on these shows anymore. They’re just filler, and as I mentioned in a past writing here, it’s really hard to get psyched up for one of these shows every two weeks now. However, I stand corrected this week…if given the proper build with the right storytelling, one can get excited for a non-big 4 Pay Per View!

Welcome to WWE Great Balls of Fire weekend! I’m not gonna lie…I –just like probably most of you– laughed at the ridiculous name of this show while pointing at it as yet more proof that Vince really isn’t with the times, using a song which first debuted over 5 decades ago as the theme of a Pay Per View. However, I suppose Vince really loves this song and wants this Pay Per View to really mean something to fans today since some of the storytelling has been truly excellent in leading up to this show! I’m just gonna list a few things I’m looking forward to on this show in hopes that you may join in my unexpected excitement!

At the top of the card, you have journeyman badass (and internet darling) Samoa Joe challenging the established beast of the WWE, Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. Now usually, anything surrounding Brock Lesnar gets ample television time on a weekly basis to build along with some truly amazing mic work from Paul Heyman to really amp up the ferociousness of both competitors and make you believe that “This is the match you cannot miss!”…Heyman is truly on his own level at delivering the goods on the mic to sell you on the match, while Brock usually will deliver in the ring to make your time devoted in following said feud well worth the investment. So right off the bat, even leaving out the amazing job that Samoa Joe has done in making us believe he is hungry for the title and is on a warpath that has his sights set on the Universal Title and Brock Lesnar, they’ve really done an amazing job in hyping a match that everyone already wanted to see from a fantasy match standpoint dating back to Joe’s days in Ring of Honor and TNA/Impact Wrestling. The dream match is happening and it should deliver…I just really hope it’s not one-and-done with these two!

As I’ve said previously, I’m also very into the tag team of Cesaro & Sheamus, and their feud with Matt & Jeff Hardy over the Raw Tag Team Titles has been great! The heel turn for Cesaro & Sheamus was needed and their victory over the Hardyz for the titles at the last Raw PPV (whatever it was called) was warranted and deserved! As they say, they are the bar now and this feud will continue in a 30-minute Tag Team Iron Man Match at Great Balls of Fire…I just hope Vince & Company stay the course with Cesaro & Sheamus as tag champs following this show. Hopefully a few other tag teams will be tossed into the mix following this show in hopes of rebuilding the tag ranks, because as of right now, it’s Cesaro & Sheamus, Matt & Jeff and then a HUGE dropoff from there.

Being a guy from Jersey, I can’t help but be a little saddened by the breakup of Enzo Amore and Big Cass. I really liked how Enzo was the little firecracker who would run his mouth and Cass was the muscle which allowed him to do so. The two really clicked well together and were a fun team. That being said, I can understand why WWE brass see a lot in Big Cass and it’s always been said that the money is in singles competition, so I don’t blame them for breaking Big Cass away from Enzo, I just hope Enzo has a reason to still be there and isn’t just tossed aside and forgotten about following this split. I’m sure he’ll sell the crap out of his buddy’s offense and make Big Cass look like a million bucks here, but Enzo just won’t be the same without the 7 footer who had his back.

And finally, I’m excited for the latest installment of Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman! These two have gone balls to the wall with their matches leading up to Sunday’s show. There’s no reason to expect any less! Say what you want about Reigns, but the dude delivers every time out. Plus, I really think we’re still only scratching the surface on what we’re going to see from Strowman, which is truly a scary thought!

Sunday night should be an excellent show that will most likely be in the talks for show of the year when the end of the year awards rolls around, I wouldn’t suggest missing this one!

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