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So just to give a little background as to why & how this site came about…

First & foremost, let me tell ya a little about myself. I, like most people am a fan of what I feel to be quite an eclectic grouping of things. First off, I’m a big professional wrestling fan and like to give my opinions and report on the current goings on in the world of professional wrestling. So much so that I have a facebook group where I sort of do just that and everyone shares their own stuff as well.

I’m also a big professional sports fan, being a diehard New York Yankees & New York Jets fan as well as a big fan of the New Jersey Devils. Each year, I will sometimes post my thoughts on the season, how things went…whether it should be considered a success, etc. I also have played & ran my own fantasy football league for the last 5 years now.

On top of all that, I’m also a Trekkie…I love going to the conventions, getting pictures with the stars & just immersing myself in all things Star Trek for a weekend each year. I’m not opposed to going to these things alone as I’ll always find someone to befriend just about anywhere I go.

I recently got married just over 10 months ago and now have a baby boy on the way coming in November of this year. I work in New York City at Lincoln Center in the box office of the David H. Koch Theater & see some quite interesting people each day. So with all that going on, I definitely have a lot to say about a variety of topics.

So back to my love of professional wrestling…I subscribe to a site called and one of their columnists has recently started up his own blog called “Tech For Everybody”, a really cool read if you’re just wondering about random things & how they work or why something is the way it is. Anyway…it occurred to me that while I’ve been posting really long thoughts columns to my wrestling facebook group that I really don’t like the way they’re displayed at all on there. So I thought how cool it would be to start a blog & then share the posts to the facebook group so that I’m a bit more organized with how it’s displayed. So voila… is born!

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