The Becky Lynch Situation

So as the story goes, WWE ran a storyline on Monday night where the women of the SmackDown Live brand showed up and attacked the women of the Raw brand. WWE SmackDown Live Womens’ Champion, Becky Lynch took out her opponent for this weekend’s Survivor Series pay per view, WWE Raw Womens’ Champion, Ronda Rousey in a backstage segment while the chaos continued in the arena in the ring and around ringside.

After seemingly taking care of Ronda backstage, Becky headed out to the ring to help her brand mates in the ring and in doing so, took an errant shot from Nia Jax that ended up breaking her nose and giving her a concussion, which in turn, has taken her out of Sunday’s pay per view match.

It’s a shame, it really is…Becky has really hit her stride in recent weeks and is arguably one of the hottest acts in the company with this heel persona. Her segments have garnered some of the best reactions from live crowds in recent years! It’s hard to think of any other acts in recent memory who the crowd has become so enamored with so quickly. And that’s the reason I’m here to write today.

Since hurting Becky, Nia Jax has come under an amazing amount of scrutiny from seemingly everyone online (aside from actual, respectable wrestling journalists, that is). Fans are outraged at Nia for this accident and are now stating that they’re “no longer looking forward to Survivor Series”. NOW BACK THE TRUCK UP…the ONLY reason you were looking forward to Survivor Series was to see Becky Lynch lose to Ronda Rousey? And please don’t kid yourself into thinking that maybe Becky would walk out of there with anything other than an “L” on her record because WWE clearly sees Ronda as the huge crossover talent that she truly is. She’s a former UFC Womens’ Bantamweight Champion, former Olympic Bronze Medal winner in Judo and accomplished actress who has movies like the Expendables 3, Furious 7, Mile 22 and Entourage under her belt, while also guest hosting ESPN’s SportsCenter. She’s a major crossover star for WWE who probably shouldn’t even be wasting her time with them — but she is! — so they’re gonna cash in on every bit of legitimacy and mainstream attention she can lend them. Becky was never going to go over on Sunday, so let’s just leave it at that.

But back to Nia…she’s been getting TONS of heat from fans online for the errant hit that took Becky out and while I can understand the frustration, since this is hardly the first time something like this has happened with her involved, she’s most definitely not the only one who has injured someone in the fast-paced, live-television world of professional wrestling. The one name that comes to mind most often for me would be Owen Hart — yeah, remember THAT GUY?? The one that EVERYONE and their mother desperately want inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, who even Mark Henry pleaded with Owen’s bitter widow, Martha Hart during his own induction speech to allow them to celebrate his legacy? Yeah…THAT guy dropped the hottest babyface at the time, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on his head with a piledriver gone bad. The result? Steve Austin was sidelined for 3 months and his career certainly was cut short due to that botched piledriver. He was 38 when he retired — to put this into relatable terms, former WWE Champion, AJ Styles is currently 41, Hulk Hogan wrestled his last match in WWE at the ripe old age of 50, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels (who main evented the Crown Jewel event in [LOCATION UNKNOWN]) are both 53. My point here is that Austin’s career was cut short by a good decade due to his neck injury.

And while we’re counting accidental injuries here…how about when everybody’s favorite Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle broke Hardcore Holly’s arm with a botched moonsault, or when Joey Mercury had his face rearranged in a tag team ladder match with the Hardy Boyz, or how about when Vader ripped Mick Foley’s ear off on an overseas tour in Germany when the planned hangman spot went awry?

Bottom line is, this shit happens when they’re trying to simulate a fight and make it look convincing for the audience. Everyone’s going 110 miles per hour and shit can go wrong. This is the unfortunate reality of the life they signed up for…and they know it.

So please everyone…stop heaping on Nia Jax already! Shit happens, let’s just move on already.

WWE has.

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