Don’t worry…I’m still here! Royal Rumble Thoughts

So it’s been awhile, huh?

Yeah…life’s had me pretty busy the last few months, plus the fact that I haven’t really found a lot of inspiration to write for some time as well. However, that changed after watching the Royal Rumble Pay Per View Premium Live Event & because of it, I’m here!

So let’s get down to it. WWE hasn’t impressed me in quite some time and as I’ve argued with a couple friends lately, every time I decide to tune in and give them another shot, it’s the same crap that pushed me away in the first place: Brock Lesnar is the unbeatable monster who does what he wants, beats everyone else to the point that nobody else is interesting because the main event has been so dominated by him & Roman Reigns for the last couple of years that it seems that nobody else matters in the eyes of the writers, so everything else is just background noise that exists in it’s own bubble until someone else starts to get over, only to be smacked in the face and pushed back down the card again.

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Saying Goodbye to “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon, a.k.a. Scott Hall

…Hey yo! Not gonna lie…I’ve been dreading this day now for over a decade.

News broke of the health complications following a hip replacement surgery that Scott Hall was having performed. In an interview, Sean “Xpac” Waltman noted that the isolation during the pandemic was rough on Scott. He started drinking more again and put some weight back on. When Hall fell & broke his hip, he was unable to move & was laying on the ground, unable to get to the phone. He laid there for a few days until his friend, “Diamond” Dallas Page found him while doing a wellness check on him on March 12th. He underwent surgery at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, GA, and during the surgery, a blood clot came dislodged, which caused him to have three heart attacks and was put on life support. Then, on the morning of March 14th, Kevin Nash posted a tribute to his friend, noting that Scott was being kept on life support until the family could arrive to pay their respects and say their goodbyes. At which time, Scott Hall, my favorite wrestler of all time, the guy who “oozed machismo” as Razor Ramon in the WWF, the guy who kickstarted the New World Order, “The Bad Guy” that everyone loved….left this world forever.

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Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden, The Garden, MSG, The World’s Most Famous Arena, The Mecca of Basketball (stated as such by Michael Jordan)…this building has more monikers than it has Championship Banners hanging in the rafters. Ok, ok…I digress! My Devils may have a beautiful new(ish) arena in Newark, but this is still the best place to see a pro hockey game. Truth be told, this is THE Arena of all Arenas, and it’s located smack dab in the center of New York City, the media capital of the world. Located just blocks from the Empire State Building and directly on top of the busiest train hub in the country, The Garden is truly an engineering marvel!

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WrestleMania 36…The Show That Probably Shouldn’t Have Been

So I promised a new piece reviewing this past weekend’s WrestleMania 36 & to be honest, I really have mixed feelings on the whole thing.

To start off, thinking logically about the whole ordeal with everything going on in the world today with everyone in quarantine and seemingly every form of live entertainment put on hold with the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s really hard for me to understand the “The Show Must Go On” train of thought considering the health of everyone involved in performing, recording, producing & distributing the two nights of WWE action. However, on the other hand, with all forms of live entertainment put on hold, people holed up in their homes, WWE has always prided themselves for “putting smiles on peoples’ faces” and in this time of “social distancing”, I also see the need for a show like this — to try to provide some sense of normalcy during a time that is anything but normal.

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Looking at WWE 24: Goldberg

So it’s been a little while since I’ve written one of these up about wrestling, but to be honest…there really hasn’t been a whole lotta good stuff worth writing about lately. I mean WWE’s been doing an alright job at giving us some fresh matches like when they pulled AJ Styles off the South America tour to fill in for an ill Bray Wyatt at the last Pay Per View or reforming The Shield…but for whatever reason, I just haven’t had the motivation to write about the product — until now.

Monday night, after Raw went off the air, WWE aired another installment of their documentary series WWE 24 on the WWE Network. If you haven’t seen any of these pieces, please go out of your way to find them as they’re some of the best programming WWE puts out. This latest edition of the show revolves around last year’s return of Bill Goldberg to the world of professional wrestling. Continue reading “Looking at WWE 24: Goldberg”

WrestleMania 32: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

So let’s get right into it…I wrote in my last blog a few of my issues with the card going into this past Sunday’s WrestleMania 32 and those issues I had weren’t addressed by WWE in any way shape or form. In fact, I believe they were magnified, highlighted and double-underlined. It’s like the creative team just threw up their arms and said “Whatever you want, Vince!” — which I’m pretty sure isn’t far off from what actually happened in the creative meeting going into the show. So let’s break it down here and I’ll explain why I really hated the outcomes of about 95% of this show.

Fist off, I want to let it be known that for as much as I didn’t like the outcomes of the matches…the matches themselves were mostly quite good and the guys and girls wrestling in the matches did the best they could with what they were given. Problem is, they weren’t given a whole heck of a lot to work with.

First on my list here starts with the ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Title. I was actually stuck at work while this match went down, so I figured I’d pick up WrestleMania live and go back and watch whatever I missed the next day. Problem is…on the Network, the “Preshow” is two hours long and includes Continue reading “WrestleMania 32: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same”

It’s WrestleMania weekend, why am I not excited?

So I know I’ve said it in past years, but this just doesn’t feel like WrestleMania week. And while I’ve often asked myself if maybe I’m just getting too old to care so much about this “monumental occasion” as WWE likes to tell us each year that it is, I really think it’s a completely different reason since I quite often find myself getting overly amped up for NXT Takeover specials and live events in my area. Heck…when NXT ran a non-televised house show down in Asbury Park in February, I had a countdown going on inside my head for weeks! And while I knew no titles would change hands and that nothing of any significance would happen on said show, the fact that I knew I was going to be able to see my favorites do what they love to do live, really made all the difference for me.

Last summer, NXT also ran their first Takeover event outside of Florida’s Full Sail University here at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY the night before Summer Slam. It was a big event not only for me to be able to see these guys & girls do their thing here in NYC, but I also got to meet a number of people who I had previously only spoken to either on PWInsider audio or through facebook or text messaging. Continue reading “It’s WrestleMania weekend, why am I not excited?”

The Marking Out Podcast 4/02/16

Danielle and I are back to talk about our thoughts on NXT TakeOver: Dallas on the Network, the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on 3/28/16, running down the WrestleMania card and a number of other topics. As always, if you have any questions, requests or ideas for the show…please inbox me at: and I’ll probably even read your email on the air. Thanks for listening!

The Marking Out Podcast 3/15/16

Danielle, Scott and I are back to talk about our thoughts on WWE’s RoadBlock show on the Network, the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on 3/14/16, the two shows’ implications on WrestleMania and a number of other topics. It should be noted that about 90% of the way through the audio, due to technical difficulties, my audio disappears for some reason. Hopefully this is only a one-time issue. As always, if you have any questions, requests or ideas for the show…please inbox me at: and I’ll probably even read your email on the air. Thanks for listening!

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