Dec 222019

I’ve been a fan of the New Jersey Devils for just about as long as I can remember. The team originally came to New Jersey from Colorado back in 1982 — when I was 4 years old. So during the time I’ve followed them, I’ve been there from the lowest of lows – routinely finishing in the basement of the Patrick Division to the highest highs of their existence – making it to the Stanley Cup Finals 5 times, and winning the Cup three times. Unfortunately, we’re back to one of those low points in the franchise’s existence. Since making it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2012 and losing to the LA Kings in 6 games, the team has certainly fallen on hard times.

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Aug 012013

So I’ve been paying a lot of attention to what the Devils have done lately during the offseason since not making the playoffs in 2013 and figured I’d give my ‘two cents’ on the recent moves.

First off, the Devils started the offseason off with a bang when they traded their first round pick to Vancouver for Cory Schneider. No cash exchanging hands, no future considerations, a one-for-one trade that in my opinion is HUGE for the future of this franchise!

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