Aug 242013

So I’ve been reading lately that apparently AJ Styles’ contract is coming due soon and nothing has been agreed upon as of this writing, and yet he was just thrown into the big Main Event Mafia/Aces & Eights angle Thursday night, quite a prominent position for someone you don’t know how much longer he’s gonna be there.

I understand that TNA is having money issues & are trying to be more cost efficient & not just spending, spending, spending on guys who don’t make you anything back ratings-wise. I mean so far every time they’ve introduced someone or decided to do something that’s supposed to “change the industry”, Continue reading »

Feb 182002

Well, now that the 2002 No Way Out PPV is behind us, let’s take a look at where we stand…

Finally, I did something right with main events….I actually got 2 out of 3 right, which is a major step-up for me. Yay for that, but on a more serious note, let’s see where we really stand.

First matter of business is that Chris Jericho seems positioned to be going to WrestleMania X-8 to defend the Unified Title, which is a good thing. The problem is that now the #1 Contenders spot has been given to Continue reading »